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Improving deficient cognitive functions – input phase

Vladka (Basic, UB 12)

Improving deficient cognitive functions – input phase
In the initial phase of mental activity, we need to collect the data necessary for further mental acts. Successful data collection requires to perceive stimuli clearly, in a focused, systematic, and exact way and have an ability to relate systematically to different sources of information. In this process it is essential to use verbal-receptive tools that enable the processing of the collected information. Any limitations in naming objects, events, actions, and relations causes a lack of ability to distinguish between them and difficulty in encoding and interpreting them. Verbal tools enable us to remember, differentiate, and manipulate with what we know.


Developing appropriate verbal tools
In this video we can see the mediator actively developing the verbal tools of children in the classroom. Enriching the vocabulary, filling the words with content, are essential for precise description of objects we deal with, events we experience.


The work is based on page 12, Organization of Dots, Basic. Well-developed verbal tools are important for accurate and precise identification of size, distance, parallel lines, opposite lines, as well as for further projecting relationships between the individual dots. The mediator works with a group of children from underdeveloped excluded locality, where children are at least 2 years behind their age. The lack of appropriate language does affect their ability to work efficiently on the page – they need to understand the ´differences between squares and rectangles, between bigger and smaller.

Affiliated cognitive functions developed: clear and focused perception, precision and accuracy, spatial orientation.

Vocabulary developed: square. rectangle, parallel lines, measuring length, measuring height, sphere, circle

Acquisition of basic concepts, labels, vocabulary, operations and relationships is one of the sub-goals of FIE. Such concepts have to be taught systematically in order to enhance the use of representational, relational and operational thinking required in any learning process.

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